#251: Warm Colors


The greens and greys of hospitals and office corridors are depressing and cold. Natural wood, sunlight, bright colors are warm. In some way, the warmth of the colors in a room makes a great deal of difference.

Choose surface colors which, together with the natural light, reflected light, and artificial lights, create a warm light in the rooms.

Two asterisks. ** (denoting certainty that what they present is an unavoidable pattern of living architecture)

“A Pattern Language” by Alexander, Ishikwa, Silverstein, Jacobson, King, and Angel, pp. 1153-1156

My Thoughts

Modern light bulbs are labeled for their light temperature. I have more to learn about properly using them, but have wholeheartedly embraced the idea of using warm lights everywhere I go to relax at the end of the day. I probably overdo cool lights in working areas here and there, but there is wisdom to be found by those who will listen and consider. Click the image below to read a good general introduction to modern light temperatures.

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