Review: Kristin Lavransdatter Trilogy

This is my review from Good Reads, written in late 2019 after I finished my first reading of the wonderful Kristin Lavransdatter Trilogy:

Kristin Lavransdatter is one of those works of literature that knows life better than me, in some ways, so I prefer to defer judgement and just let myself be taught by it.

I grew to love Kristin over the time we spent together, even though, like everyone we let that close to us, I also hated her at times. I groaned at her pride, retorted to her anger, and wept with her pain, but only she could speak in our conversation. I hung on and felt the years pass swiftly. Oh, teach us, Lord, to number our days! How long this book felt, but, then, it was over and life moves on, as it must.

I harbor some of her willfulness in my heart and I am sorry to think of what it might also cost me and for how frustrating it will be, at least some of the time, to my parents and in-laws. Maybe I will be spared some pain from having her example before me.

I am afraid of the hurt that comes with parenthood, but I suppose I am taught by Kristin to still my heart, steady my tone in spite of aggrevation, and open my arms to the little ones who will have hold on me for the rest of my life, for better and worse. I will try to guess what will come of them, I will be wrong most of the time, and I will feel more fear on behalf of my children than for myself, probably.

We do not know what became of most of Kristin’s children, just as we will not know what becomes of those that survive us. We will not be able to help them, even as little as we were able in our lives. We must entrust them to God even though we will have not done much of that, really, in our lifetime.

Oh, God, forgive me for what I missed and will forget, but this has been a sweet journey and I am thankful. I hope to walk it again, someday later.

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